Konjac Gum Supplier

A completely natural product made from the fibre root of the konjac plant.

Konjac Gum - ingreland
Konjac Gum - Ingreland

Konjac Gum Supplier

A completely natural product made from the fibre root of the konjac plant.

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What is Konjac Gum?

Konjac gum is a natural, healthy, and safe hydrocolloid extracted from the tubers of the konjac plant, which is a perennial herb of the genus konjac in the araceae family. The main component of konjac gum is glucomannan, a non-ionic water-soluble polymer polysaccharide. It is rich in hydroxyl groups and is easily soluble in water. After absorbing moisture, it can swell 80 to 100 times. Konjac gum has the strongest viscosity among the plant-based water-soluble gelling agents, and its viscosity is the highest among the plant-based water-soluble edible gums found. It has the functional characteristics of adhesion, water absorption, thickening, emulsification, etc. Konjac gum is widely used in foods such as beverages, jelly, ice cream, meat products, and pasta products. It can improve the physical properties of the food, increase the viscosity of the food, give the food a smooth and comfortable feeling, and have the effect of stabilizing the emulsified state and the suspended state. Konjac gum is also one of the soluble dietary fibers, and it has physiological functions such as weight loss, laxative, lowering blood fat, and lowering blood pressure. Foodmate is a leading konjac gum supplier in China, providing a wide range of food ingredients, including konjac gum, gelatin, collagen peptides, carrageenan, and others.

Commercial Production

Konjac gum is a universal food gum used to thicken, stabilize, emulsify, and suspend ingredients in various food and beverage products. It is widely used in the food industry, including in flour products, meat and dairy products, beverages, jellies, and chewy candies. Konjac gum is known for its ability to create rich textures without adding calories, fat, or carbohydrates to foods. It is also synergistic with other food gums and ingredients, providing developers with opportunities to create a wide variety of products with konjac as the source gum. The commercial production of konjac gum and konjac flour has a long history of use in foods, dating back to ancient times. It is typically grown in China, Japan, and several other Southeast Asian countries. Konjac gum is available from various suppliers, offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Konjac Gum Application

Konjac gum is necessary in foods and beverages because it is a thickener that helps to create the desired texture and thickness to meet consumer preferences. It also has synergistic versatility and can be used with other food gums. This gives developers opportunities to create more products with konjac as the source gum. Konjac gum can be found in a variety of foods including:

  • Candy: Stable shape, smooth surface, high elasticity, sliky taste, no stick-teeth 1.5-3.0%
  • Beverage: Thickening, stable, heat resistance, anti-acid, anti-dialyze of water and oil, anti-deposition 0.05-0.5%
  • Jelly: Gel, wide range of pH value, good elasticity, anti-dialyze of water, high transparency 0.2-1.5%
  • Breads, cakes: Keeping moisture, increasing elasricity, less crumbs, (biscuits) increasing shine, moisture-proof 0.1-0.3%
  • Noodles: Increasing elasticity, reducing breaking, no sticking, no muddying soup, (instant noodles) lower oil, quick rehydration 0.2-0.5%
  • Ice creams: Increasing expansion, anti-melt, stable, emulsification 0.1-0.3%
  • Canned meat, sausage: Improving water and oil retention property, improving the rate of finished products, good elasticity, silty taste, eliminating the taste of power like caused by the starch 0.3-0.5%


Product Range

Konjac gum, 20,000 cps

Konjac gum, 30000 cps

Konjac gum, 32000 cps

Konjac gum, 36000 cps

GlucoLit™️ XT is a kind of high transparent konjac gum, used as a thickener in an emulsified product like lotion, creams.

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