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Join Us at IFT, The Largest B2B Food Innovation Expo in North America!

Discover Cutting-Edge Innovations, Connect with Industry Experts, and Experience Our Unique Solutions Firsthand.

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is hosting the IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo, the largest B2B food innovation expo in North America, from July 16-19, 2023, in Chicago. This event is the most significant gathering of food and beverage industry professionals in North America, featuring interactive demos, product tastings, and ingredient samples.

About the Event-IFT 2023

The IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo is the perfect opportunity to connect with the industry’s best ingredient, equipment, and technology producers. The event will feature panel discussions, a research showcase, a startup pavilion with pitch competition, and a one-stop-shop for food science innovation. This year’s theme is “Innovation in a Time of Crisis: Can We Future-Proof the Food System?“.

About Ingreland

At Ingreland, we are excited to showcase our innovative solutions at the IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo. Our hydrocolloids, sweeteners, proteins, acidulants, and fibers are designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry.

Our Products


Ingreland offers a wide range of hydrocolloids, including: 

Hydrocolloids are used as gelling and thickening agents in all areas of the food industry and in a growing number of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and technical applications.


Ingreland offers a variety of sweeteners, including: 

These sweeteners provides a solution for solubility and sugar replacement issues without sacrificing taste. You also get access to dedicated experts across different areas of the business who act as an extension of your team.


Ingreland protein products, includes: 

These proteins are used to enhance the nutritional value of foods and beverages, and are available in bulk quantities at competitive prices. Ingreland’s protein products are derived from both animal and plant sources, including milk, whey, casein, and pea protein, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.


Ingreland offers a variety of acidulants, including:

Acidulants are chemical compounds that give a tart, sour, or acidic flavor to foods or enhance the perceived sweetness of foods. They can also function as leavening agents and emulsifiers in some kinds of processed foods. Acidulants are used to control acidity, prolong shelf life, and improve the flavor profile of foods. Many beverages, such as colas, contain phosphoric acid, while sour candies often are formulated with malic acid.

An extension of your team. We’re more than a distributor, we’re an ally.

We strive to go beyond the usual distributor role for our customers and instead serve as a key part of their supply chains, similar to our role with our suppliers. We have connections with top ingredient suppliers, providing our customers with high-quality ingredients from reliable sources and great value. We cooperate with our suppliers and customers to improve their supply chains and increase profits

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