Our beliefs about sustainability

It is our firm belief that merely supplying products does not encapsulate our entire organizational obligation. We equally emphasize the manner in which we administer our enterprise and the repercussions our operations instigate for our shareholders. We have been perennially dedicated to enabling access to markets and products, coupled with job creation. We are convinced that performing these tasks with dependability and accountability enhances the growth of markets and communities while aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We have adopted ‘Sustainability’ as an integral corporate virtue, and we exemplify this through our comprehensive Sustainability Framework. This model focuses on three cardinal principles: Our People, Our Partners, and Our Planet. 

Our organization is structured with a distinct governance system for supervising sustainability. This system sees our Board of Directors providing supervisory guidance, and assigns explicit responsibilities and objectives to both the Executive Committee and the Sustainability Committee. This framework not only fortifies our journey towards sustainability but also serves our fundamental aim of enriching human lives.

Our way of being eco-friendly in business

We shoulder the onus for the environmental, social, and economic consequences stemming from our business endeavors, and stand steadfast in our commitment to aid in the creation of a sustainable future through the judicious management of enduring, profitable growth.

Our mission transcends merely the delivery of products. We attach equal significance to the manner in which we run our business and the repercussions of our operations on our stakeholders. Facilitating access to markets and products, in addition to job creation, forms the very essence of our work. By undertaking these actions with reliability and responsibility, we are able to play a part in fostering the evolution of markets, communities, and sustainable development. ‘Sustainability’ holds a cherished place among our company principles. We embody this value through our Sustainability Framework, anchored on three fundamental pillars:
Our People - Ingreland

Our People

Our Partner - Ingreland

Our Partner

Our Planet - Ingreland

Our Planet

Being an attractive employer committed to developing our talent

Our People

As an organization fundamentally propelled by our human resources, our objective is to distinguish ourselves as a coveted employer, characterized by our unwavering dedication to talent development. Since our inception as an international business entity, diversity has been a cornerstone of our success. We persistently advocate for the advantages of incorporating varied perspectives stemming from diverse backgrounds and thought processes. We express our commitment to talent attraction and retention by providing a secure and nurturing workspace, which respects human rights and facilitates the comprehensive development of our workforce’s capabilities.

Providing access to markets, goods and services with highest governance standards

Our Partners

Our enterprise is instrumental in fueling expansion for companies venturing into novel or established markets. We form alliances with clients who solicit our multifaceted services, including distribution, marketing, or procurement, aligning with our goal of providing exemplary service. We staunchly maintain the highest standards of quality and safety for the products under our purview, striving beyond the ordinary to guarantee their accessibility to our customers and end-users. Constructed on the pillars of integrity, trust, and reliability, our business underscores our commitment to responsible procurement practices. We anticipate our business associates to uphold these stringent standards with the same level of commitment.

Taking responsibility for our environmental and social impact

Our Planet

We recognize the necessity for corporations to extend beyond conscientiousness of their environmental and societal repercussions, towards actively endeavoring to create a beneficial social and environmental legacy. We pledge to proficiently manage our environmental impacts by implementing efficacious operational and supply chain strategies, and aim to achieve carbon neutrality in our internal operations by 2030. Concentrating on the markets where we hold operations, we persist in our role as an active contributor to our local communities. This is achieved by facilitating economic expansion via employment creation and local procurement opportunities, along with participation in programs designed to enhance quality of life.